Eco Friendly.

Eco-Friendly is now eco-easy. But so is green-washing. And with new behaviors and products we’re told are greener and supposed to be "good" for the Earth coming to market, it can be hard to know the best bet for your green.


Strategic Squirrel is here to help you make the best earth-friendly choices without busting your budget. And we figure that we're in this together so we can learn to be better to our Mother together, too. We're not so nutty that we can't learn a thing or two that can help make us even greener.

More Green.

Strategic Squirrel works to run a green operation. In some ways, we've got it easy. We work from home; we hold most meetings by phone or IM; and we do much of our messaging online through our site and social media platforms. 

When we do need to print something, we go with on-demand digital and use recycled paper for small runs - the more post-consumer recycled material the better  - and we urge our clients to do the same. We are striving to do away with our home printers, but when we do use them, we use both sides of the paper. We turn off the lights and unplug all our electronics at night. We take advantage of the free Wi-Fi at walking-distance coffee shops with our own mug to help keep the to-go cups to a minimum. 

We recycle. We try to bicycle. We try to remember to bring our shopping bags into the store and we're really working on not buying plastic. But we know we can do better! Let us know what you're doing, what we should be doing, what's working and what's not. As we said, we're all in this together and only together can we save our wonderful planet. Enighten us on your green ways >>


Wheeeee, let's go hug a tree!