Animal Friendly.
Ok, we're thinking that because you clicked on this link that you're animal friendly too, so we'll let you in on a little secret... we're a vegan-owned operation. But no one has to know - or you can tell everyone you know! You see, it's all about getting the right message through to the intended target audience… and we understand that, well, sometimes a vegan isn't the best messenger. 

Strategic Squirrel.

So while we might not shout from the hilltops that we're vegan-owned and operated with every message we send, rest assured that we are, to our core. Because speaking out for those who can't is one of the most humbling and important things we can do to leave this world (and the World Wide Web) a little better than we found it. 

But know, too, that when we do speak out for the animals, we'll be strategic about it. Just take a look at the work we have done for nonprofit animal organizations. Squirrels are not the only animals we love!